Medical Resources

Medi-Cal provides assistance with paying medical bills for those who are income and property eligible.

There are many different Medi-Cal programs for varied groups of individuals, from infants to the aged population. There are different requirements for each of these programs, differences can include income levels, property/resource limits and household composition. If there is no eligibility to Medi-Cal there is also assistance in applying for Covered California the market place for Affordable Health Care Insurance plans.   


Advanced Premium Tax Credit

An Advanced Premium Tax Credit is a federal subsidy available through Covered California to individuals and families whose income and age is within the program limits. This subsidy helps to pay part of their health insurance premiums in order to make insurance more affordable.

Affordable Care Act Health Coverage

This service offers affordable health coverage as required by the Affordable Care Act to:

  • Children
  • Pregnant women
  • New Adult Group aged 19-64 not eligible to Medicare with no children
  • Disabled adults not yet eligible to Medicare

Parent caretaker relative includes adults 65 and older can be Medicare eligible if they are responsible for a child.

Aged and Disabled Programs

Aged and Disabled programs are Medi-Cal programs that allow more income and in some programs higher property limits to be eligible to zero share of cost Medi-Cal or for a monthly premium Medi-Cal Program.

Long Term Care (LTC)

LTC services are provided in facilities that provide 24-hour care and, as a minimum, includes nursing, dietary, pharmaceutical services, and an activity program.  LTC medical facilities include the acute care hospitals/psychiatric hospitals, intermediate care facilities, and skilled nursing facilities


 Medi-Cal, California's Medicaid program, is a public insurance health care program which provides health care services for low-income individuals and families who meet defined eligibility requirements

Medi-Cal Rights & Responsibilities (audio only)

Medi-Cal Rights & Responsibilities (Spanish) (audio only)

Trafficking and Crime Victims Assistance Program (TCVAP) - MC

TCVAP is a short term cash aid program that provides critical support, benefits, and services to victims of human trafficking, domestic violence, and other serious crimes who are not eligible for State or Federally-funded benefits and services due to immigration status or those victims awaiting Federal benefits.

Working Disabled Program

The Working Disabled Program is for individuals that have been determined disabled according to Social Security Administration criteria, who are also working. This programs allows more income as it disregards the disability based income when determining eligibility. This program is also more generous in property /resource limits it allows.

Contact Social Services

Child Hotline Information:

  • If you suspect there is an emergency requiring immediate intervention, call 911
  • To report suspected child abuse or neglect call the 24 hour Child Abuse Hotline at (805) 781-KIDS (5437) or toll free 1-800-834-KIDS (5437)

Adult Hotline Information:

  • If you suspect there is an emergency requiring immediate intervention, call 911
  • To report suspected elder abuse or neglect call the Adult Services Hotline at (805) 781-1790 during regular business hours, or after business hours call (844) 729-8011
  • Mandated Reporter