SLO Vets Hall Reservations

Real Property Services (RPS) owns and manages the San Luis Obispo Veterans Memorial Building, also known as the SLO Vets Hall, located on the corner of Grand Avenue and Palm Street in downtown San Luis Obispo. The Board of Supervisors established rules and regulations for the use of the building, which give Veterans' organizations free access and booking priority, but they also allow for rentals to businesses, non-profits, and the general public. Rental fees assist in the operation and maintenance of the building. 

Concession Contracts

Real Property Services (RPS) contracts for the operation of concessions within County-owned facilities, including the following concessionaires in downtown San Luis Obispo:  

  • The Bridge Cafe, located in the New County Government Center at 1074 Higuera Street in San Luis Obispo, offers hot and cold subs, a breakfast menu and a soup-of-the day.
  • The Sasquatch Coffee House, located inside the County Courthouse Annex Building at 1050 Monterey Street in San Luis Obispo, offers food and beverages to County employees and the public.

County Community Building Housekeeping Self-Inspections

Real Property Services (RPS) contracts for the management, maintenance, and operation of the County's community buildings. This service provides self-inspection forms for facility operators to document good housekeeping and pollution prevention practices at their facility. Maintaining orderly, well-managed facilities is essential to protect our community and prevent pollution.

County Property Access Permit

Real Property Services (RPS) issues permits for temporary access of County-owned roads, trails and parks, and other County-owned real property. Examples of access permits include the following:

  • Eradication of Arundo Donax on The Bob Jones Bike Trail in Avila Beach
  • Collecting plant tissue and seeds at Nipomo Regional Park to study population genetics
  • Inspection and assessment of a petroleum pipeline located on County property in Nipomo
  • Utility access to a gas pipeline on County property in Avila Beach
  • Installation of native bee habitat at the base of Lopez Dam

County Property Film Permits

Real Property Services (RPS) issues permits for filming television commercials, feature films, and still photos of and on County-owned or County-maintained roads, parks, real property, and facilities. 

We work together with the Film SLO CAL, which provides information and services for production and scouting needs including other agencies contact information.

Recent Productions in San Luis Obispo County:

County Property Right-of-Entry Permit

Real Property Services (RPS) issues permits to access and use County-owned real property by contractors, utility companies, residents whose property abuts County properties, and other government agencies for construction and repair work, including the installation and repair of utility lines. RPS also negotiates, prepares, and manages Right-of Entry Agreements on behalf of the County in order to obtain County access to land belonging to other property owners. 

Past Right-of-Entry Permits and Agreements have included the following:

  • Access to a vacant County-owned building in San Luis Obispo
  • Utility company access to a County regional park for purposes of soil remediation
  • County travel over private roads and land to maintain communications equipment in various locations throughout the County
  • County entry upon privately owned land in order to conduct topographical, environmental and/or biological surveys

County Property Use Permits

Real Property Services (RPS) issues permits for special events, long-term land leases, grazing cattle on County-owned land, and other temporary uses of County-owned real property. 

Past Use Permits have been issued for the following uses on County-owned property:

  • School BBQ and fundraiser on County-owned vacant land
  • Creek Clean-up Event
  • Portion of building for Air Monitoring Station
  • Non-profit organization's use of a room in the San Luis Obispo City-County Library
  • Rentals of the San Luis Obispo Veterans Memorial Building

County Real Property Easements (County Owned Property)

Real Property Services (RPS) negotiates and prepares easements to members of the public for the non-possessory right to use and/or enter onto County-owned real property. RPS also negotiates and finalizes easements obtained on behalf of County departments that require the ongoing use of County owned property.

Easements have been created on County owned property for the following purposes:

  • Conservation easement for the restoration of an oak woodland
  • Utility easements

County Real Property Ground Leases

Real Property Services (RPS) contracts for long-term leases of land, for public purposes, when the County is the Lessor. 

The County has entered into ground lease agreements for the following uses:

  • Animal Services Facility 
  • Train Station Expansion
  • Homeless Services Center
  • Community Center

County Real Property Leasing

Real Property Services (RPS) manages, negotiates, and executes new lease agreements for use of County-owned real property. RPS also represents County departments in real estate negotiations for leasing real property interests in which the County is the tenant.

County Real Property Management

Real Property Services (RPS) manages the County's existing lease portfolio, including the day-to-day management of County-owned and leased real property. 

Our work includes the following services:

  • Monitoring insurance
  • Addressing facility issues such as repairs and maintenance
  • Acting as primary liaison between County and landlord/tenant
  • Budgeting and receiving monthly rent payments

County Real Property Tenant Improvements

Real Property Services (RPS) advises, negotiates, and monitors completion of tenant improvements with landlords and contractors on behalf of County departments. 

RPS facilitates the following matters:

  • construction details
  • costs
  • ensuring conformance to codes
  • building layouts
  • maintenance and custodial concerns
  • HVAC
  • lighting
  • plumbing and related systems

Wireless/Communication Leasing Agreements

Real Property Services (RPS) manages, negotiates, and executes wireless agreements and lease agreements with both commercial providers and other public agencies for wireless facilities constructed on County-owned real property.

County Real Property Disposal, Sales and Grants

Real Property Services (RPS), in accordance with the applicable requirements of the California Government Code, disposes, sells, and grants surplus County-owned real property no longer needed for County use. RPS offers surplus property for sale through a public bidding process and facilitates each transaction from marketing through close of escrow.

When available, surplus County-owned real property will be listed below. Please be advised that the information is subject to change. The County retains the right to withdraw properties from this site and sale at any time and for any reason. Sale transactions are subject to the approval of the Board of Supervisors.

County Real Property Purchase of Real Property

Real Property Services (RPS) represents County departments in real estate negotiations for the purchase of land and/or developed real property for use by the County. Purchase transactions are subject to the approval by the Board of Supervisors.

Past projects have included:

  • 37 acres in the unincorporated area of Avila for use as open space and/or passive recreation.
  • Vacant land for a fire station in northern San Luis Obispo County.
  • Property acquisition for the expansion of the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport.

Tax Defaulted Property Acquisition

Real Property Services (RPS) acquires tax defaulted real property from the County Tax Collector pursuant to the County Tax Deeded Property Acquisition Policy and the provisions of Division 1, Part 6, Chapter 8 of the Revenue and Tax Code.

The County Tax Deeded Property Acquisition Policy, adopted by the Board of Supervisors in 1980 and updated in 1988, sets forth the following criteria to determine when a certain tax deeded property may be acquired by the County:

  • Property located in a "paper sub-division" such as La Grande Beach or the Morro Strand sub-division.
  • Uneconomic sub-divisions of land such as found in California Valley.
  • Sub-standard lots in developing areas such as Cambria or Los Osos.
  • Roadways, easements, lanes, well sites, etc. to which the public has a right of use but which are not owned by the County.
  • Property which has a potential use for the County.

Real Property Donation

Real Property Services (RPS) works with County departments and prospective donors to provide information and process donations of real property. Potential donations are considered on a case-by-case basis and will be evaluated to determine ownership and title information, tax status, use and other property information. A General Plan Conformity Report and an Environmental Determination will be prepared, and all donations are subject to the approval of the Board of Supervisors.

*Donors of real property may incur significant legal and tax consequences. RPS does not make any representations to donors with respect to tax or other legal issues, and does not determine a value of the donation for the property owner. Potential donors should discuss all aspects of a donation transaction with his or her tax, legal, and/or financial advisors.

County Real Property Community Buildings

Real Property Services (RPS) contracts for the management, maintenance, and operation of the County's community buildings. For rental or other information, please contact one of the organizations listed in Step 1.

County Owned Real Property Annual Weed Abatement

Real Property Services (RPS) monitors County-owned vacant lots and hires independent contractors for annual weed abatement on County-owned vacant lots and improved lots.

Anyone concerned about weeds or trees on County-owned real property is encouraged to contact Real Property Services.

Typically, local Fire Departments have authority for weed abatement in your community.  Please contact the following authorities to report concerns or get information on weed abatement.

  • Arroyo Grande, Five Cities Fire Authority Vegetation Management (805) 473-5486
  • Atascadero, City of Atascadero Fire & Emergency Services (805) 470-3300
  • Avila Beach, Cal Fire Station 62 (805) 595-2115
  • California Valley, Cal Fire Station 42 (805) 475-2322
  • Cambria, Cambria Community Services District (805) 927-6240 or (805) 927-6223
  • Cayucos, Cal Fire Station 16 (805) 995-3372
  • Creston, Cal Fire Station 50 (805) 238-4343
  • Grover Beach, Five Cities Fire Authority, Vegetation Management (805) 473-5486
  • Los Osos, Los Osos Community Services District (805) 764-1053
  • Morro Bay, City of Morro Bay Fire Department (805) 772-6242
  • Nipomo, Cal Fire Station #20 (805) 929-3911
  • Oceano, Five Cities Fire Authority, Vegetation Management (805) 473-5486
  • Paso Robles, City of Paso Robles Department of Emergency Services (805) 227-7560
  • Pismo Beach, City of Pismo Beach/ Cal Fire Station 64 (805) 773-7031
  • San Luis Obispo, City of San Luis Obispo Fire Department (805) 781-7380
  • San Miguel, San Miguel Community Services District (805) 467-3388
  • Santa Margarita, Cal Fire Station 40 (805) 438-5426
  • Shandon, Cal Fire Station 51 (805) 238-4957
  • Templeton, Templeton Community Services District (805) 434-4900


County Real Property Parking Services Program

Real Property Services (RPS) directs and enforces parking services and programs in County-owned and leased parking lots for use by County staff and the public.