Fire Station 30 in 2018 before it closed down for new construction.

County Closes Fire Station 30 to Make Way for New Build

Author: County Fire Department (CAL FIRE SLO)
Date: 10/1/2018 5:07 PM

The station closed on in September after 65 years in operation and the new facility is expected to open in fall of 2019.  

The County lowered the flag on Fire Station 30 in Paso Robles to allow for the construction of a new facility at this site over the next 14 months, a project that has been in the works since 2007.

The station closed on Monday, September 3 after 65 years in operation and the new facility is expected to open in fall of 2019. A temporary fire station has been established at North County Regional Center 356 N. Main Street in Templeton and will serve the public during the 14 month construction process. 

The fire service has many traditions, which includes how the American flag is treated. Station 30’s flag will not be forgotten. The flag will be framed with names of the station’s 2018 personnel and placed in the new facility next fall as a lasting memory of the former station.

A stud from Station 30 will also be taken from the original structure and placed in the current facility to remember those fire and forestry personnel who have come before us and those that will replace us. 

For the past 65 years, the personnel and fire apparatus assigned there have responded to calls for service within San Luis Obispo County and all over the great state of California. The late Elwood "Hud" Banks (pictured), who was commended by the County Board of Supervisors in August 2015 for saving a toddler when he was about 15 in Paso Robles, was one of the first rangers at Station 30.

Hundreds of firefighters have worked at this station over the years. Below is a list of just some current CAL FIRE employees that have walked the halls of Station 30, all of whom are now Chief Officers.

  • C3400 Scotty Jalbert (Past Station 30 FF1)
  • D3403 Steve Spinharney (Past Station 30 FC)
  • D3404 Steve Crawford (Past Station 30 FAE and BC)
  • B3413 Josh Taylor (Past Station 30 FC, Current Paso Robles BC)
  • B3414 Dennis O’Neil (Past Station 30 FF1)
  • B3418 Jim Tully (Past Station 30 FF1, FAE, FC)
  • B3419 George Huang (Past Station 30 FC)
  • B3420 Zach Nichols (Past Station 30 FC)

The fire personnel stationed there have responded over the years to assist public safety partners in Atascadero, Paso Robles, Templeton, and San Miguel. Most recently, San Luis Obispo County Fire E30 was part of a strike team that battled the Carr Fire near Redding, CA. and CAL FIRE Engines 3462 and 3472 have responded to multiple wildfires throughout the state this year supporting the CAL FIRE mission.