Animal Services

Animal Services has moved to their new location.
The new facility is located two doors down, approximately 100 yards east, from the old shelter.
The new address is 865 Oklahoma Ave

Main Office phone: (805) 781-4400

Daily Found Animal Recording phone: (805) 781-4407

Dog Licensing phone: (805) 781-4400

About Us

The Animal Services Division is responsible for providing animal care and control services throughout the County of San Luis Obispo and within each of the seven incorporated communities. Animal Services staff serve the community by helping to identify solutions to animal related problems, enforcing local ordinances and state laws relating to animals, providing humane education programs, and performing rabies control and surveillance. The Division also operates the only open-intake animal shelter in the county.

Mission Statement

The mission of the County of San Luis Obispo Animal Services Division is to ensure the health, safety, and welfare of the domestic animals and the people we serve through public education, enforcement of applicable laws, and the humane care and rehoming of impounded and sheltered animals. 


Aggressive and Dangerous Animal Response

Animal Euthanasia

Animal Bites, Quarantines, and Rabies Control

Animal Welfare and Abuse Investigations

Assistance Animal Identification Tags

Commercial Animal Operation Permits

Custodial Impound

Disposal of Animal Remains

Dog Licensing

Hobby Breeder Permits

Humane Education

Multiple Animal Permits

Nuisance Animal Investigations

Animal Adoption

Pet Microchipping

Reuniting Stray Animals with Owners

Report a Lost Pet

Report a Found Animal