All Behavioral Health Services

Mobile Crisis Team (MCT)

The Mobile Crisis Team (MCT) program offers 24/7/365 mobile support to people experiencing a mental health or substance use-related crisis; meeting them where they are and when they need it. Available countywide and to people of all ages, MCT is an alternative to law enforcement response with teams comprised of behavioral health experts who are trained to respond in the community.  The objective of the MCT is to de-escalate crises related to alcohol, drugs, or mental health conditions, that do not involve medical emergencies, weapons, or known threats of violence. 

MCT services include but are not limited to: 

  • Stabilizing the crisis through intervention and de-escalation. 
  • Providing transportation to their behavioral health services as needed. 
  • Connecting individuals in crisis to community resources and treatment. 
  • Coordinating initial treatment services for up to 30 days. 


For access to crisis intervention services, please contact the 24/7 Central Coast Hotline: (800) 783-0607.

Trained dispatchers will assess the situation for risk and safety through a series of questions to determine if the MCT or alternative crisis intervention or response services are appropriate. 

The County has partnered with Sierra Mental Wellness Group as its provider of MCT services. Interventions are client oriented, and wellness and recovery-centered, to maximize the ability of the individual to manage the crisis. Additionally, this immediate stabilization response is supplemented with a next day follow-up to continue support and provide assistance in following through with referrals and appointments.