MHSA Contacts

County of San Luis Obispo Prevention and Outreach/MHSA Office: 805-781-4754

Frank Warren, MHSA Coordinator: [email protected]

Karina Silva Garcia, Community Services and Supports Coordinator: [email protected] 

Landon J. King, Prevention and Early Intervention and Innovation Coordinator: [email protected]  

Jalpa Shinglot, MHSA Accountant: [email protected]

Rebecca Redman, MHSA Meeting Coordinator: [email protected]

Yesenia Mora, Full Service Partnership Coordinator: [email protected]

Andrew Harris, MHSA Data Coordinator: [email protected]

California Department of Health Care Services MHSA Office: [email protected]  ​​​​

Mental Health Services Oversight and Accountability Commission[email protected]