Other Public Health Services

Medical Marijuana ID Card (MMIC)

Qualified patients and their primary caregivers may apply for and be issued a medical marijuana ID card (MMIC) for State authorization to possess, grow, and/or transport medical marijuana in California. A MMIC identifies the cardholder as authorized to legally possess certain amounts of medical marijuana in California and under specific conditions. For more information on the state’s program, visit their website.

Campus Map

Having a hard time finding where you need to go at the Health Agency campus?  Check the map below for a list of popular spots or call (805) 781-5500 for help.  For a print-quality version, click here (1.9 MB).

About Us

The Public Health Department promotes, preserves and protects the health of all San Luis Obispo County residents through disease surveillance, health education, direct services, and health policy development.

Birth and Death Certificates

Public Health is able to provide certified copies of certificates for births and deaths occurring within the last two years within San Luis Obispo County. Births and deaths that occurred prior to that may be obtained from the Clerk-Recorder's Office.