Small Public Water Systems

The purpose of this program is to protect public health and prevent disease by assuring that Small Public Water Systems supply water that is potable and protected against contaminating backflow. This is accomplished through inspections, bacteriological and chemical sampling, plan checks, permitting, well log review, enforcement, and public education.

Small Public Water Systems are regulated drinking water systems that supply water for human consumption and have 5 to 200 service connections or serve 25 individuals at least 60 days out of the year. The individuals do not have to be the same individuals. Human consumption includes activities such as drinking, bathing, hand washing, cooking, dishwashing, and other similar uses. Small Public Water Systems are inspected and monitored for compliance with state and federal regulations, including chemical and bacteriological water quality monitoring.

Please visit the Small Public Water System Permitting page to help determine the appropriate water system permitting process to follow.

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