Alan Peters Receives Award

Five County Fire Employees Recognized by State

Author: County Fire Department (CAL FIRE SLO)
Date: 1/31/2019 11:12:55 AM

Five County Fire Department staff members were honored on January 8 at the CAL FIRE Director’s Awards Ceremony, held at the California Highway Patrol Academy in Sacramento.

The honored CAL FIRE/San Luis Obispo County Fire staff members were Chief Scott Jalbert, Forester Chief Alan Peters, Division Chief Mike Salas, Battalion Chief Jeremy Brant, Fire Captain Tim Davis, and Fire Captain (RA) Pat Easley all received a Director's Superior Accomplishment Award.

 Forrester Chief Peters it was recognized for his work with the Watershed Emergency Response Team (WERT) after the Thomas Fire that was directly contributed to saving lives from the Santa Barbara Floods.

 Division Chief Salas, Battalion Chief Brant, Fire Captain Davis, and Fire Captain Easley each received an award for the tremendous amount of work and dedication towards the opening of the Ventura Training Center. Chief Jalbert was recognized for his leadership of the team.

 Each year, CAL FIRE chooses recipients for the Director’s Annual Recognition Awards.  The awards recognize exceptional and outstanding individual and team accomplishments that are relative to the goals and objectives of the Department. These individuals and teams inspire and motivate others to seek innovative resolution of problems; to demonstrate the ability to promote outstanding customer service; and to provide superior performance enhancing the ability of the Department to be an efficient, effective, and high caliber organization. They are dedicated and committed to the values and mission of the Department, expending personal effort beyond that which is normally expected.

 Congrats to everyone in this well-deserved award.