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Storm Water/Pollution Prevention and Response (Click to view page)
The purpose of this program is to protect human health and safety from the damaging effects to both human health and aquatic ecosystems from pollutants found in urban runoff  through a program of inspection, complaint investigation, and education for facilities regulated by the Environmental Health Services Division.


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Environmental Health Services Supervisors

Environmental Health Services is open Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm. 

Cindy Rattigan (805) 781-5544 [email protected]

Jeremiah Damery (805) 781-5548  [email protected]

  • Beach Water Quality, Cross-Connection, Land Use, Small Public Water Systems, Water Well Programs and Vector Programs

Leslie Terry (805) 781-5553  [email protected]

  • Body Art, Food Safety, Public Swimming Pools and Spa Pools

Linnea Chandler (805) 781-4917  [email protected]

  • Hazardous Materials (CUPA) Programs