Cafeteria Rates and Premiums

The County contributes a fixed dollar amount toward employee medical, dental, and vision premiums monthly, which is called a cafeteria contribution. The monthly cafeteria amount is determined by your bargaining unit. Benefit premiums and the associated Cafeteria contributions are accounted for on a semi-monthly basis or 24 times a year. The per pay period amount is the amount applied to and deducted from each paycheck. 

If the cafeteria amount is greater than your selected premiums, the remainder of the cafeteria is paid out in employee's paychecks. If the cafeteria amount is less than your monthly premiums, the balance is the employee's responsibility.

Employees may waive medical insurance by providing proof of other group coverage, which could be an insurance ID card or a proof of other coverage statement from the insurance carrier. Employees that opt out of medical insurance are not eligible for the monthly cafeteria contribution, unless their MOU states otherwise. Please see the information regarding those grandfathered into the former cash-in-lieu policy below. 

To determine your out-of-pocket costs, complete the calculations below. Add the total cost of your medical, dental, and vision premiums and subtract the cafeteria contribution. Review your specific Bargaining Unit's Cafeteria Contribution, as well as the medical, dental, and vision rates below. Please note: these calculations are solely for medical, dental, and vision premiums. You may be enrolled in other benefits that will increase your out-of-pocket costs, including ancillary insurance, flexible spending accounts, and health savings accounts. To review your out-of-pocket costs for these additional benefits, please refer to your Confirmation Statement through BenXcel.