Open Enrollment

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Open Enrollment 2024

October 6 - October 20, 2023

Important Changes for 2024

Inflation is affecting every corner of the economy, from the gas we put in our cars to the food we purchase at the grocery store. The County is committed to providing you comprehensive benefits with multiple medical plan designs to fit your family’s needs and budget.

The County is pleased to announce a new member experience, with Blue Shield's Navigator PPO powered by Accolade. With Accolade concierge medical navigation, members will have the same medical plan designs that you have today, with a one stop shop through a phone call, member portal, or mobile app to obtain:

  • Health and benefits support
  • Access to a health care assistant
  • Help finding and booking high quality, in-network provider appointments
  • An easier way to access virtual care solutions
  • Expert medical second opinions

While your medical plan designs will remain the same, there will be some changes moving from Anthem to Blue Shield. Anthem Select network will change to Blue Shield Tandem PPO network. The County will be transitioning from the Anthem network of providers to Blue Shield of California providers

Many employees have shared questions regarding the 2024 medical renewal, Blue Shield transition, and the new Navigator PPO powered by Accolade. To help answer your questions, we have create a Frequently Asked Questions page. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Important Benefits Information

2024 Employee Benefits Information

2024 Employee Benefits Brochure

Coming Soon - September

2024 Premiums and Cafeteria Contributions

Rates and Contributions

County Benefits Webinar

Watch Recording

BenXcel Information

BenXcel Login Instructions

Benefits Fair

Sept. 28

11:00 am - 3:30 pm

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Employee Appointments

Sign Up

Employee and Retiree Benefits Information

Accolade Navigator PPO

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Open Enrollment

October 6 - October 20

Employees: Login to BenXcel

Retirees: Call (833) 574-1838

Blue Shield Provider Search

Provider Search Instructions

Medical Plan Names and Networks

  • Anthem Select PPO = Blue Shield Tandem PPO
  • Anthem Choice PPO = Blue Shield Choice PPO
  • Anthem Care PPO = Blue Shield Care PPO
  • Anthem EPO = Blue Shield EPO
  • Anthem HDHP = Blue Shield HDHP
  • Anthem Medicare PPO = Blue Shield Medicare PPO
  • Anthem Medicare EPO = Blue Shield Medicare EPO

All plans will use the Blue Shield of California PPO full network, except for the Anthem Select/Blue Shield Tandem plan. If you are currently on Anthem Select/Blue Shield Tandem, you will use the Tandem PPO network

2024 Retiree Benefits Information

2024 Retiree Benefits Brochure

2024 Retiree Brochure

2024 Retiree Premium Rates

Retiree Premium Rates

Retiree Benefits Webinar Recording

Watch Webinar Recording

Early Retiree Anthem Select PPO will be called Blue Shield Tandem PPO and will use the Tandem PPO Network

Call to Sign Up for Retiree Appointments

(805) 781-4199

Early Retiree Choice, Care, EPO, Medicare PPO and EPO plans will use the Blue Shield of California Network
Call the Retiree Enrollment Line: (833) 574-1838 to make Open Enrollment Changes

Enrollment Line Hours:

Monday - Thursday || 5:00 am - 5:00 pm PST

Friday || 5:00 am - 3:00 pm PST

If I have a provider who is non-contracted with Blue Shield, what can I do? 

Blue Shield recognizes the importance of maintaining a strong doctor-patient relationship when you change healthcare plans. 

Any member who has any qualifying medical condition with a non-contracted provider will be able to complete a Continuity of Care form and submit it to Blue Shield. 

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