Construction is underway on the Cayucos 1st Street beach access project.

Cayucos 1st Street Beach Access Construction Begins

Author: Parks and Recreation
Date: 9/18/2019 3:43:24 PM

Construction is underway on the Cayucos 1st Street beach access project.

Construction is underway to improve Cayucos 1st Street beach access with a new project that will replace decades-old stairs.

Beach access was rated as the most important recreation facility by County residents in the 2018 Parks and Recreation Needs Assessment. The coastal access stairway at the end of 1st Street leads to the south end of the Cayucos downtown beach area.

The beaches in and around Cayucos are highly popular destinations for residents and visitors to the Central Coast and the California Coastal Conservancy has a long history of actively supporting the County’s commitment to develop access to and along its beaches. 

Built over 30 years ago, the original wooden stairway began to deteriorate and has been closed to the public for the past several years due to the public safety risk. The new stairs will be built to current building and safety standards, with proper tread height and widths, landings, and handrails. The stairs will be made of concrete to withstand the coastal bluff environment.

The construction improvements will cost approximately $234,710, funded by $75,000 in grants from the California Coastal Conservancy; $72,312.50 in mitigation funding from the California Coastal Commission; $25,000 from the Cayucos Business Improvement District; $10,000 in District One Community Project funds; $89,859 from County Park Reserves; and $2,831 in Quimby Area 2 funds.

The construction work is planned to be completed by the end 2019.