Flyer announcing charity fundraiser and Easter egg hunt.

Dairy Creek Golf Course Hosting Charity Fun Run and Speed Golf Classic

Author: Josh Heptig, Golf Superintendent
Date: 3/15/2018 11:22:31 AM

The charity event will raise funds for the Frace Sisters Memorial Fund to provide scholarships and athletic shoes for those in need in order to pursue their dreams.

On March 31st Dairy Creek Golf Course, within El Chorro Regional Park, will host multiple events in an effort to bring our community together and fundraise for the Frace Sisters Memorial Fund. Dairy Creek obviously provides a venue for San Luis Obispo County residents and visitors to play golf. Speed Golf will be introduced to the Central Coast at the event along with a bevy of other activities including a 5k Fun Run, a Kid’s Mile Run, a brunch buffet, and an Easter Egg Hunt.

Speedgolf is a new version of golf that is spreading across the globe and Dairy Creek’s tournament will be the first official event for the 2018 USA Speedgolf Championship Series. This sport is a fun, fast, fitness-promoting alternative to the traditional game in which you play golf while running!  Speedgolf is played in a fraction of the time, and like traditional golf, is enjoyed by golfers of all ages, skill levels, and fitness profiles. Your Speedgolf score is determined by your total number of strokes combined with your time for completing the round. For example, if you shot an 80 and finish the round in 60 minutes, your Speedgolf score would be 140. Sounds like a challenge, right?

The 5k and Kid’s mile runs through the peaceful Chorro Valley are the perfect way to start the Easter weekend in the great outdoors with your family and friends. These activities will be accompanied by a Brunch Buffet, a live DJ, and an Easter Egg Hunt to round out the party. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Frace Family who tragically lost their daughters, Brynn and Brittni, in a recent car accident.

Brynn and Brittni both were selfless, authentic, full of joy, and loved to run. The parents of these two special girls would like to start two programs. A Memorial Athletic Scholarship for athletes who wish to pursue their sport while furthering their education and an Athletic Shoe Donation program that would provide shoes for athletes in need.

“As a runner and a father of two daughters, I was affected when I heard of this tragic event in our community,” said Josh Heptig SLO County Parks Golf Course Superintendent. “It is hard to imagine losing both of your children at any point, let alone at the same time. I thought that combining a running fundraiser with our Speedgolf event would be a great way to help the Frace family during the weekend that celebrates re-birth,” stated Heptig. Participation in this inaugural event would help the Frace family make their goal a reality.

As part of the Easter weekend celebration, we invite the public to recreate together at Dairy Creek Golf Course and El Chorro Regional Park.

For more information contact Josh Heptig, Golf Superintendent at (805) 781-1318 or [email protected]