Cayucos 1st Street Accessway

Grant Funding Awarded for the Cayucos 1st Street Beach Accessway Reconstruction

Author: Parks and Recreation Department
Date: 12/12/2018 1:44:52 PM

The California Coastal Conservancy awarded $75,000 in grant funding for the reconstruction of the 1st Street beach accessway, in Cayucos.

This funding was provided from the Safe Neighborhood Park, Clean Air, and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2000 (Proposition 12).  The Coastal Conservancy Board unanimously supported the grant funding at their December 6th meeting.           

The beaches in and around Cayucos are highly popular destinations for residents and visitors to the central coast, and the Conservancy has a long history of actively supporting the County’s commitment to develop access to and along its beaches. The coastal access stairway, at the end of 1st Street, leads to the south end of the Cayucos’s downtown beach area. Built over thirty years ago, the wooden stairway began to deteriorate and has been closed to the public for the past several years due to the public safety risk.

A complete re-design and reconstruction of the existing wooden stairs is required.  The new stairs have been designed and will be constructed to current building and safety standards, with proper tread heights and widths, landing(s), and handrails.  The planned stairs will be concrete, rather than wood, to better withstand the coastal bluff environment.

In addition to the proposed Conservancy funding, the County has secured $72,312.50 in mitigation funding from the California Coastal Commission, for constructing the new beach accessway. The Cayucos Business Improvement District contributed $25,000 for the design and construction documents for this project. Park improvement fee funds, in the amount of $2,831, generated in Cayucos, were also allocated to this project.

The construction costs are estimated to cost approximately $150,000.  Construction is planned for summer of 2019.