The County Board of Supervisors will review the proposed 2018 Legislative Platform on Tuesday.

County Board to Discuss How to Influence State in 2018

Author: Administrative Office
Date: 2/2/2018 1:55 PM

On Tuesday, the Board of Supervisors will discuss how it wants the County's advocates in Sacramento to guide State decisions on behalf of the people of SLO County.

The Board will consider a proposed 2018 Legislative Platform that considers several key issues affecting the County in 2018. The platform covers a broad set of issues, including:

  • Impending closure of Diablo Canyon Power Plant
  • Highway 101 safety
  • Support for infrastructure projects
  • Veterans services and housing for veterans
  • Drought resilience and groundwater management
  • Homeless shelters and housing for the homeless
  • Insurance programs to cover more agriculture crops and losses in flood zones
  • Legislation that would constrain the County’s contracting abilities

Every year, the Board of Supervisors approves a legislative platform that focuses on key issues at the State level affecting San Luis Obispo County. Using this platform, the County’s advocates in Sacramento then work throughout the year on behalf of the people of SLO County to encourage State legislative representatives to address key issues of importance to the County. Over time, this process incrementally improves the County’s ability to deliver services to its citizens.

The legislative platform also provides general policy guidance to County employees advocating on behalf of the County in Sacramento, identifies specific legislative changes the County wishes to pursue at the State level in 2018, and highlights challenges the County is facing.

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