Station 56 on Cayucos Drive

County to Provide Fire Protection in Cayucos if District Dissolves

Author: Administrative Office
Date: 3/13/2018 5:11 PM

The community of Cayucos can expect the County to provide fire protection services if the Cayucos Fire Protection District dissolves.  

The County Board of Supervisors agreed today, that, if the Cayucos Fire Protection District dissolves, the County will provide a fully-staffed structure fire engine at Station 56 on Cayucos Drive year-round, recommendations from County staff and the County Fire Chief.

The Board also directed staff to form a blue-ribbon committee to assess the future of fire protection needs countywide and report back to the Board within one year.

“No matter what happens to the Cayucos Fire Protection District, the community of Cayucos will have fire protection services,” said Trevor Keith, the County Administrative Office Division Manager who presented the issue to the Board on Tuesday.

These public services will cost the County’s General Fund about $912,000 more every year, plus a potential additional cost over time related to the fire station itself and equipment. The County will evaluate funding options during public budget hearings in June.

Additional services to Cayucos would include service management, fire investigations, business safety inspections, fire hydrant maintenance, community CPR classes, medical stand-by for special events, and school fire prevention programs on top of typical fire protection services.

The district filed an application to dissolve with the Local Agency Formation Commission (LAFCO) in September 2017 and proposed that the County take over all responsibility for Cayucos fire and medical response services.

In October 2017, the County formally requested that LAFCO put the application on hold to allow the County Board of Supervisors to discuss the district’s proposal at a public meeting. 

Moving forward, LAFCO will set a public hearing regarding the dissolution of the district.

Download the staff report with all options presented to the Board on Tuesday. 

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