2017 Annual Report

County Releases 2017 Annual Report

Author: Administrative Office
Date: 2/20/2018 4:56 PM

Curious how your County government serves the community? The 2017 Annual Report is a great place to start.

The County has released its 2017 Annual Report, providing a status update on County government services. County staff presented the 2017 Annual Report to the Board of Supervisors today during a public meeting. 

This is the eighth consecutive Annual Report for the County and, as in previous years, was published online only to save costs.

Some of the stories in this year's report may be familiar to many, such as:

  • How the county developed cannabis regulations for the unincorporated areas of SLO County
  • The County's new plan for El Chorro Regional Park
  • How the County built and opened a new and improved regional airport terminal

But other stories in the 2017 Annual Report may be new to many people, including:

  • How the Sheriff's Office streamlined future law enforcement response to potential active shooter incidents at our local schools
  • A local study that found an unexpected alternative to chemical pesticides
  • Or even stories that demonstrate how the County protected and transformed
    • young lives
    • veterans lives
    • families lives, and
    • the lives of vulnerable adults in SLO County. 

"Much of what the County did in 2017 laid the foundation for a successful future for the communities we serve," said County Communications Analyst Whitney Szentesi. "We invite the public to take some time to click through this website and discover the impact our organization had on peoples' lives last year." 

Every year since 2010, County staff has produced a report that outlines the status of the County. This annual report informs the public about selected activities, accomplishments and challenges the County faces. The 2017 Annual Report is the eighth consecutive report of its kind and was produced in-house by County staff.

The report this year is showcases how the County laid the foundation for a brighter future by focusing on programs, activities and policies that are meant to create a safe, healthy, livable and prosperous community.