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Monthly Payment Option Available for Current Year Tax Bills

Author: Auditor-Controller-Treasurer-Tax Collector
Date: 5/9/2022 7:58 PM

To provide taxpayers with information regarding an available payment option, the County of San Luis Obispo County Tax Collector’s Office wishes to introduce Easy Smart Pay.

Easy Smart Pay enables taxpayers to split their property tax bill into manageable monthly payments, and Easy Smart Pay will distribute those funds to the County when they are due. To establish the lowest possible monthly payments, the best time to sign up for Easy Smart Pay is now. By signing up now, the payment amounts can be spread over the greatest number of months before the tax bill delinquent dates.

Sign up for Easy Smart Pay at https://www.easysmartpay.net/ and start making partial payments on your property tax bills.


Disclaimer: Easy Smart Pay is a privately owned and operated company that works closely with County Tax Collectors to provide taxpayer payment options. This service is for taxpayers who do not have an impound or escrow account. Easy Smart Pay is not a lending service or bank and does not provide funds to the taxpayer to pay their taxes.