Fictitious Business Names

Clerk-Recorder services, forms, and documents related to fictitious business names are gathered here for easy reference. Select a specific service for more information, or access the fictitious business name self-service portal here.

Effective 7/1/24, a new FBN form must be used. We will be accepting one type of filing, no longer identifying “New” or “Renewal”. The registrant should check their previous filing diligently to determine the need to publish their Fictitious Business Name after refiling in our office. If required to publish, make sure our office is provided a copy of the Affidavit of Publication from the publisher, and keep one in your business files as well. 

Pursuant to BPC 17917, re-filings need to be published in a newspaper of general circulation within 45 days of filing with our office if any of the situations apply: 

  • The original filing was not published in the timeframe previously prescribed by the business and professions code. 
  • The re-filing was not completed with our office within 40 days of the previous expiration date. 
  • There have been changes in facts from the previously published filing.  

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