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CHANGE to Polling Place Locations in SLO, Los Osos, and Oceano

Author: Erin Clausen
Date: 3/3/2024 2:37 PM

The Clerk-Recorder has announced an update to polling locations in order to adequately staff each poll. Affected locations include SLO, Los Osos, and Oceano.

UPDATE (Monday, 3/4/24 at 6:23pm): A polling location in SLO has been combined with one at the Cal Poly PAC. Details below.

The Clerk-Recorder’s Office is having to make some last-minute adjustments to polling locations ahead of Tuesday’s Presidential Primary Election due to a shortage of precinct workers. The 120 precincts needed to serve SLO County’s approximately 180,000 registered voters are spread among 70 different polling locations, and each requires at least two clerks and one inspector. Late notice from a few workers that they are no longer available meant that staffing needed to be shuffled around and two polling places had to be consolidated with others nearby.


Affected polling locations include:

San Luis Obispo, Precinct 519

Previously located at:          SLO Vets Hall

Now located at:                    Cal Poly Performing Arts Center (PAC), Cal Poly campus

This location will now host Precincts 218, 519, and 522


Los Osos, Precinct 213

Previously located at:           Monarch Grove Elementary School

Now located at:                   Trinity United Methodist Church, 490 Los Osos Valley Road

This location will now host Precincts 213 and 214.


Oceano, Precinct 411

Previously located at:            Oceano Community Center

Now located at:                   Rancho Del Arroyo MHP Clubhouse, 2700 Cienaga Street

This location will now host Precincts 411, 412, and 413.


“We rely heavily on those members of our community who step up and staff the polls on Election Day,” said Clerk-Recorder Elaina Cano. “Those friends and neighbors are just like the rest of us, though, and sometimes things happen. When they do, we have to adjust and modify plans so that every location is adequately staffed. The ultimate goal is that every voter who chooses to vote at the polls has the support they need and has a positive voting experience.”

Cano further noted that while the Elections Office typically recruits so that each poll has four people instead of the minimum required, getting those numbers was particularly challenging this cycle.

“It is not a small commitment to work on Election Day,” Cano said, pointing out that inspectors are required to attend training in advance and clerks are strongly encouraged to, given the responsibility of assisting with the voting process. Additionally, the hours on Election Day can be long, and not everyone has the flexibility to offer that much of their time.

“We’re extremely grateful to those who have prepared and will be out there assisting voters on Tuesday,” said Cano. “We often point out that Elections is the smallest department in local government until Election Day, when it briefly becomes one of the biggest. That’s all due to the commitment of our local community members.”