California Children's Services team, December 2018.

California Children’s Services Team Transitions to Whole Child Model

Author: Public Health Department
Date: 12/10/2018 8:00 AM

The recent transition means CenCal Health now provides daily case management for eligible children enrolled in Medi-Cal. The County CCS team continues to provide a wide range of other vital services.

Children with special health care needs in SLO County and 20 other California counties are now receiving consistent and convenient services through a transition known as the Whole Child Model. Throughout this transition, the Public Health Department’s California Children’s Services (CCS) program is continuing to provide support and high-quality services to children and families in SLO County.

CCS exists to support children and young people (up to age 21) who have specific medical conditions such as cystic fibrosis, hemophilia, cerebral palsy, heart disease, cancer, traumatic injuries and certain infectious diseases. CCS provides diagnostic and treatment services, medical case management, physical therapy and occupational therapy. The program is sponsored by the state and administered as a partnership between county public health departments and the California Department of Health Care Services.

The Whole Child Model transition in July 2018 means that children and young people who receive services through CCS and also through a Medi-Cal managed care plan—in SLO County, that’s CenCal Health—now receive their case management services from CenCal Health rather than from the County. For many children and families, this means increased convenience through a “one stop shop” for services at CenCal. For many others, it means continuing to receive support and services through the County’s CCS program.

“The transition with the Whole Child Model is a big deal here and across California,” said Francesca Peterson, CMS Director/CCS Administrator. “We’re working closely with CenCal to make sure it’s as smooth as possible. At the same time, we want people to know our CCS program is still here and going strong. Some parts of our work have changed but our commitment to children and families is as strong as ever. For people who have questions or concerns during the transition–we’re here for you.”

While the County CCS team’s staffing has decreased as part of this transition, the team continues to take on big tasks for the community, including:

  • Eligibility for all potentially-eligible children. The County team remains responsible for determining whether children meet the medical, residential and financial eligibility criteria for the program.
  • Case management for patients not enrolled in Medi-Cal. The team continues to provide ongoing case management for children and families who are not enrolled in Medi-Cal.
  • Medical therapy program. The team provides physical and occupational therapy to eligible children at locations throughout SLO County. The County provides these services to children who meet medical criteria, whether or not they are enrolled in Medi-Cal.
  • Daily close collaboration with CenCal. The county CCS team works daily in close collaboration with the case management team at CenCal Health to make sure each child receives the best possible quality of care.

The County CCS offices continue in full operation at the same office location (2180 Johnson Avenue Annex in San Luis Obispo, right behind the Health Agency building) with the same phone number (805-781-5527) and fax number (805-781-4492).

To learn more about CCS, visit To talk through any issues or concerns regarding CCS eligibility and ongoing case management, call 805-781-5527.