Blood Drive: County Employees Donate Blood to Save Lives
2018 County Employee Blood Drive, May 23 at the Health Agency.

County Employees Donate Blood to Save Lives

Author: Public Health Department
Date: 5/25/2018 12:24 PM

Thank you to the County employees who donated as part of the 2018 blood drive!

Twenty-six County employees donated blood through the 2018 County Employee Blood Drive on May 23 at the Health Agency. 

Simply put, donating blood saves lives. One pint can save up to three lives—which  means our employee donors helped save as many as 78 lives in a single day. 

Kudos and thank you to everyone who participated. 

If you have suggestions or would like to help support the 2019 County Employee Blood Drive, contact Ashley Allen, health education specialist, by email

Feeling inspired to give blood before next year’s drive? Contact to get started.