Division Manager - Kate Shea

Mission Statement

Support the maintenance and improvement of public facilities while conserving and enhancing environmental resources for the benefit of our fellow county residents.

The Environmental Programs Division (Division) within the Department of Public Works is a nine-member team that conducts a wide range of environmental services for public infrastructure projects.  Currently, professionals in the Division have specialized skills in the areas of planning, resource law, biology, botany, wetlands, regulatory permitting, archeology and habitat restoration.  The Division represents a full-service environmental team, capable of processing complex local, state, and Federally funded projects entirely in-house.

We apply planning and natural resource science to promote environmentally sound operations and projects, sustainable management of natural resources, and adherence to environmental planning and regulatory requirements. Our team bridges natural resource disciplines including, but not limited to: geology, soils, hydrology, plant and wildlife ecology, resource law, cultural resources, and public policy.

Due to the diverse nature of the County, our work takes place across varied landscapes, exemplified by the Carrizo Plain National Monument grasslands, oak woodlands and coastal dunes. This diversity also leads to our cooperation with partners such as the cities within the County, CalTrans, and the Land Conservancy.

Our Environmental Resource Specialists bring analytical skills to bear on decisions about the appropriate use of land and natural resources; the appropriate application of local, State, and Federal planning; environmental and resource laws and policies; and provide expertise in environmental processes to department management and staff. We provide this expertise at all stages of project development, including preliminary design, permitting, construction, and post-construction restoration.