Project Delivery

Division Manager – Robert M. Ruiz, PE

The Project Delivery Division is responsible for delivery of large projects and for providing project management services for capital projects at the San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport

The division is comprised of four teams of dedicated professionals who collaboratively work with each other, other divisions within the department, and project stakeholders with the end goal of delivering projects on schedule and within budget.


Mission Statement

The Project Delivery Division is committed to providing quality service to the public and to County staff by effectively delivering the larger projects for the County, including new facilities and transportation infrastructure projects. 


Bridge Delivery Team

The Bridge Delivery Team within the Project Delivery Division consists of dedicated civil engineers who oversee replacement and seismic retrofit of County bridges that are eligible for federal Highway Bridge Program funding. Bridge replacements and retrofits ensure County bridges are safe and can meet current and future automobile, bicycle, and pedestrian needs.

The Bridge Delivery Team manages bridge projects from project initiation to construction. The decision to replace or retrofit a bridge starts by collaborating with Caltrans to identify bridges that don’t meet seismic criteria or are in poor condition. The Team then prepares and reviews engineering reports, detailed design plans, technical specifications, construction contract documents, and coordinates funding requirements.  Due to the complex engineering decisions involved and the sensitive environmental conditions associated with most bridges, it typically takes a minimum of 5 years to take a bridge project from initiation to construction.


Goals of the Bridge Delivery Team:

  • Develop and maintain excellent relationships and coordination with Caltrans
  • Increase the average General Appraisal Rating of the County’s bridge inventory
  • Maximize available federal and state funding for these valuable assets
  • Ensure timely delivery of projects through efficient allocation of County staff
  • Manage outside consultant services effectively to receive the maximum benefit
  • Pursue professional development of engineering staff through continuing education


For comments or questions on the Bridge Delivery Team please contact:

Aaron L. Hope, PE | (805) 781-5262 | [email protected]


Mid to Large Size Facility Delivery Team

The Mid to Large Size Facility Delivery Team within the Project Delivery Division provides project management (PM) services needed to deliver the County’s new facility projects.  The team’s PM services start at project inception and conclude at completion of construction.  Facilities delivered are for use by County staff like the emergency dispatch center planned for Templeton or for use by the public like the passenger terminal at San Luis Obispo County Regional Airport.  The team’s PM services for new facilities include:

  • Feasibility and cost studies for proposed projects
  • Solicitation, contracting with and management of consultants for design, inspection, and construction management services
  • Architectural, site and operational programming with client departments
  • Quality Control/Quality Assurance observation during construction
  • Coordination with permitting agencies including CEQA/NEPA and stormwater compliance
  • Assistance with department move in and with facility start up

The Mid to Large Size Facility Delivery Team also helps with delivery of the County’s 5-Year Capital Improvement Plan and long-range conceptual plans. 

For comments or questions on the Mid to Large Size Facility Delivery Team please contact:

Jennifer Caffee | (805) 781-4517 | [email protected]

Right of Way Unit

Federal, State, and local regulations require that the rights of property owners impacted by public projects must be protected. The Right of Way Unit within the Project Delivery Division administers the right-of-way activities for the County Public Works Department and ensures County right of way policies and practices meet federal, state, and local laws and guidelines.  This is accomplished by following federal, state, and local eminent domain statutes and the Federal Uniform Act. A requirement for Counties to receive funding, one that the County of San Luis Obispo adheres to, is to protect property owners’ rights and treat property owners fairly.  Activities under the Right of Way Unit’s purview include:

  • Acquisition of real property rights. Secure entry permits, licenses, temporary construction access, and permanent easements for County Public Works’ infrastructure projects.
  • Utility Coordination. Identify and process potential utility conflicts in connection with County project development, project construction of capital projects, and maintenance projects.
  • Right-of-way vacation/abandonment. Eliminate right-of-way that is excess to the County and unnecessary for present or prospective public use.

For comments and questions on the County’s Right of Way Unit please contact:

Valerie Moore, SR/WA | (805) 781-5290 | [email protected]

Transportation Delivery Team

The Transportation Delivery Team within the Project Delivery Division is responsible for the planning, management, programming, design, and construction of capital improvement projects for County-wide transportation infrastructure. Project Delivery staff manage and facilitate project scope, schedule, and budget to ensure the successful delivery of capital improvement projects on County-owned roads. The Teams responsibilities for transportation capital projects include:

  • Project Management and Oversight: Procurement, administration, and management of Local, State, and Federal funds for Capital Improvement Projects during the planning, design, bidding and construction phases of projects.  Including allocation of project staff and/or consultants.
  • Project Outreach and Coordination: Project presentations/outreach to stakeholders, community advisory groups, community service districts, cities, various County divisions and departments, state/federal agencies, and funding organizations.
  • Administration of Project Funding: Contract administration and coordination of local, state, and federal processes, procedures, documents, authorizations, approvals. Overall management of project funding.

For comments or questions on the Transportation Delivery Team please contact:

Aaron Yonker, PE | (805) 781-4644 | [email protected]

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