Learn About the Online Application Portal: PermitSLO

What is the process?

How to Create a PermitSLO Account

To register an account on PermitSLO, first navigate to the log-in page and select “Create a New Account.” You will enter your email address and a link will be sent to that email from PermitSLO.  For security purposes, when you get that email, click on Confirm and then you’ll be re-directed to PermitSLO.  Follow the steps including creation of a password for future access and completing the required information. When this step is completed, you will be able to use PermitSLO.

For a guide, click here How to Create a PermitSLO Account

Check for Application Types Available Online

Not all applications are online at this time.  While this will be offered in the future, at this time there is a limitation on the types of permit and plan applications accessible online. The County continues to expand this number and will update the list accordingly.  Please see the below link for a list of online applications:

Click the link here:   For a list of applications for Permits and Plan Types currently available onlne.

How to Apply for a Permit or Plan

When an online permit application is submitted in PermitSLO, the application will be automatically issued a permit number.  Our staff will receive the online permit application and will review the information.

For a guide, click here: How to Apply for a Permit or Plan

How to Upload Attachments

Depending on your application type, you may be asked to upload attachments.  Types of attachments include, but are not limited to, site plans, engineered drawings, disclosures, site check waiver, etc.  Documents required for re-submittal are also uploaded into the Attachments. 

For a guide, click here: How to Upload an Attachment

How to Look Up and Pay Fees

There are individual application fees depending on the type of permit or plan.  Those fees are listed in the Fee Schedule, found on the top of the menu bar on PermitSLO.  The fees will be invoiced and those invoices can be paid online as well. 

Please note: The permit number will be required to be used as a reference when you submit additional information, revise plans, and pay invoices.  Permits under review can be found on the “Pending” tab of the PermitSLO dashboard.

For guides, click here: How to Look Up Fees and/or  How to Pay Fees

How to Request an Inspection

You will receive an automated email when your permit is issued. Make sure your approved/stamped building plans, site and permit approval document are onsite for all required inspections. You can access and print approved/stamped documents by navigating to the “Attachment” tab in the permit.  You then use PermitSLO to schedule your inspection or re-inspection.

For a guide, click here:  How to Schedule an Inspection

Resubmittal Process

Staff will review the documents attached to the permit.  If a new document or revisions to a document is needed, PermitSLO allows you to resubmit documents online.  


For a guide, click here: How to Resubmit a Permit Document

How to Check the Status of a Permit or Plan

The status of a permit or plan application will be available and updated accordingly.  Using "My Work" in PermitSLO allows you to access the permit or plan and add attachments, check the status. Please note: You must be logged-in to see the status.  

Are you logged into PermitSLO?  For a guide, click here:

How to Check the Status of a Permit or Plan

If you are not registered with an account on PermitSLO, you can continue as a guest. For a guide, click here: 

How to Check the Status of a Permit (when NOT logged-in)

Who can use this service?

Most information is publicly available including payment of fees and general searches for records.  Some permit details may only be available to the applicant and their authorized representatives. 

Is there a charge for this service?

Please refer to the Department of Planning & Building Fee Schedule for application fees.


When and where is this service offered?

The PermitSLO portal can be found at this link:  PermitSLO

The County has created this online portal with the public in mind, making it available and accessible 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.


Frequently Asked Questions

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