Picture of Acting County Administrative Officer addressing the crowd at the State of the County Event
State of County Event April 11, 2024

County of San Luis Obispo Holds Inaugural State of the County

Author: Jeanette Trompeter
Date: 4/13/2024 9:29 AM

County of San Luis Obispo leaders on Thursday shared how they anticipate bridging a nearly 20-million-dollar budget deficit to balance the budget and how we as a community are moving the needle on homelessness. Those were just a couple of the topics covered at the County’s inaugural State of the County event held at Embassy Suites in San Luis Obispo.

The event was intended to allow County leaders to share the hundreds of projects that may not make headlines individually but are happening simultaneously to improve services to residents. County supervisors, the acting county administrative officer and a panel of stakeholders from economic interests in the county didn’t shy away from the challenges facing our region in the coming years. They shared projects and initiatives in the works that poise the county better than most in the state to address them.

They shared nearly a dozen capital projects that have been built since the pandemic and unveiled those in the works to be constructed in the next year. The County also unveiled how it has partnered with cities in the county and support agencies to bring nearly a dozen new housing options online for those struggling with homelessness.

The Cabins for Change project in Grover Beach was one example of how the County partnered with the City of Grover Beach, the Five Cities Homeless Coalition, along with private businesses. The 20-bed facility has been well received by the community and nearly 90 unhoused people previously living in encampments have now moved through the facility into more permanent housing solutions. Other successful transitionary housing projects have similar success stories to tell in Paso Robles, and Templeton taking hundreds of people off the streets. Similar projects are in the works in 2024 for San Luis Obispo, Pismo Beach, Morro Bay, Atascadero, Nipomo, Paso Robles, as another 30 beds in Grover Beach. More are planned for other communities in 2025.

“With cities working together with the county and our partner agencies, we are moving the needle on homelessness and advancing our 5-year-strategic plan to address homelessness. We feel confident we won’t look like so many cities in the state,” said Acting County Administrative Officer Rebecca Cambell.

“We sometimes don’t share the victories and what makes headlines are the stumbles, but the County of San Luis Obispo has worked hard with partner agencies and together we are not only changing lives but improving the quality of life for all residents in the County.” Said Supervisor Dawn Ortiz-Legg.

“We are getting the unhoused out of parks and encampments and moving them into more stable housing solutions,” said Supervisor John Peschong. “The State of the County here is better than most in the state and we have reason to feel optimistic and proud.”

The County partnered with REACH as it’s fiscal agent so that no taxpayer funds were used to present the State of the County event.  To watch the recording of the event, visit the County’s YouTube page.