Voluntary Service Plan (VSP)

Referral Protocol

  • California Law requires counties to collaborate with hospitals regarding assessments and referrals of pregnant and postpartum substance abusing women due to Senate Bill 2669 Presley Law
  • The intention is to engage pregnant  and new mothers in early intervention services that support their needs, develop their abilities, and decrease risk in an effort to avoid the a need for involvement with Child Welfare Services
  • Any indication of substance abuse shall lead to an assessment of the needs of the mother and child
  • The Voluntary Service Plan helps to facilitate an opportunity for hospital staff or Emergency Response Social Workers to engage the new mother in obtaining early intervention services with Drug and Alcohol Services and Public Health
  • The Voluntary Service Plan provides an opportunity for women who have delivered a substance-exposed infant to voluntarily accept a drug and alcohol assessment and participate in services aimed at diverting the mother and newborn from requiring Child Welfare Services involvement
  • If the mother engages in services with Drug and Alcohol Services and/or Public Health; Child Welfare Services will monitor the mother's participation, as the three agencies will remain in communication to ensure the safety and well-being of the mother and child
  • If the mother remains engaged in these services, it will help decrease the risk/concern for Child Welfare Services involvement

Voluntary Service Plan (VSP) forms and protocols: