Assessed Values, Exemptions and Growth Percentage

  • Countywide Assessed Values and Exemptions – Locally assessed secured and unsecured countywide assessed values and state assessed values.

  • Assessed Values, Exemption & Tax Rates – Assessed values by local agency for each tax type and any associated tax rates for voter approved bonds.

  • Local and Unitary Roll 10 Year Value Comparisons – Percentage of the secured and unsecured rolls as compared to the State assessed unitary roll over the last ten years.

  • Assessed Value Growth Comparisons by District – Secured assessed value percentage of growth for each local agency for the last three years.

  • Cities 10 Year History of Values & Growth – Assessed values and percentage of growth of cities for the last ten fiscal years.


2017-18 Assessment Values - Exemptions and Growth Reports
2016-17 Assessment Values - Exemptions and Growth Reports