No Party Preference cards mailed to No Party Preference registered voters

Postcards Being Sent To Permanent Vote-By-Mail No Party Preference Voters to Select Party Ballot for the Primary Election

Author: Tommy Gong, Clerk-Recorder
Date: 12/24/2019 4:57:10 PM

Voters who have a No Party Preference status and want to vote for a president in the March election will need to notify the elections office of their choice of party ballot.

In partisan primary elections, voters who are have No Party Preference status or are affiliated with a registered party that is not qualified in California, will be allowed to “cross-over” and vote a party ballot of those parties allowing these voters to participate in their primary election.  For the upcoming Presidential Primary Election, those parties include the Democratic, American Independent, and Libertarian.  To vote on the Republican, Green or Peace & Freedom parties, No Party Preference voters must re-register to vote that party.  The No Party Preference ballot will not contain a presidential contest.

Over 30,000 postcards are being sent to No Party Preference voters who are also permanent vote-by-mail voters or who live in a mail-ballot precinct so they can notify the elections office of their choice of ballot for the March election.  Voters are requested to return the postcard indicating their choice of party ballot for the election by January 3rd.  This deadline allows time for the voter record to be updated to ensure the voter receives the correct ballot in the first mailing of vote by mail ballots which is scheduled for February 3rd.  To assist these voters in making their choice of party ballots, the list of partisan candidates will be available on the Secretary of State’s website (  

Furthermore, to avoid confusion, all voters are encouraged to check their voter registration record and party affiliation (if any) so that they will receive their desired ballot in the mail or at the polls on Election Day.  County Clerk-Recorder Tommy Gong states, “I want to ensure voters that we can rectify these situations for voters with their patience and cooperation, so voters are encouraged to check their voter registration status early.”  Voters can check their voter registration status at

Anyone with questions concerning unaffiliated voters or voter registration should contact the County Clerk-Recorder at 781-5228.