Medical and Health Operational Area Coordinator (MHOAC)


The MHOAC is responsible for ensuring the operational effectiveness of 17 mandated functions:

  1. Assessment of immediate medical needs
  2. Coordination of disaster medical and health resources
  3. Coordination of patient distribution and medical evaluations
  4. Coordination with inpatient and emergency care providers
  5. Coordination of out-of-hospital medical care providers
  6. Coordination and integration with fire agencies personnel, resources, and emergency fire prehospital medical services
  7. Coordination of providers of non-fire based prehospital emergency medical services
  8. Coordination of the establishment of temporary pre-transport field treatment sites
  9. Health surveillance and epidemiological analyses of community health status
  10. Assurance of food safety
  11. Management of exposure to hazardous agents
  12. Provision or coordination of mental health services
  13. Provision of medical and health public information and protective action recommendations
  14. Provision or coordination of vector control services
  15. Assurance of drinking water safety
  16. Assurance of the safe management of liquid, solid, and hazardous wastes
  17. Investigation and control of communicable disease

The MHOAC Standard Operating Procedure (see Reference section below) is managed by the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program.


HICS-251 Form-Facility-System-Status-Report
MHOAC Resource Request Form
MHOAC Program Standard Operating Procedure