Suspected Abuse Response Team (SART)

What is the process?

Call: Call SART

For more information or to request an examination, call SART. During office hours, please call (805) 781-4878. For after-hours assistance, please contact (805) 296-1022.

SART is available to anyone, and responds to requests from law enforcement, Child Welfare Services, crisis intervention agency or self-referral. 

Services are provided at no-charge.

SART is available at any time.

What is a SART exam?

Specially trained nurses conduct SART examinations at the SART office, a calm and private setting. When a child is the patient, an age-appropriate sensitive examination is conducted by a pediatrician. Patients may have a counselor or other support persons present, if desired.

The patient is always in control of the process and may decline to proceed with any part of the examination. A SART examination is comprehensive and includes:

  • A medical history and description of the assault
  • A complete head-to-toe assessment for signs of injury or trauma
  • Collecting photographic and forensic evidence
  • Treatment to prevent sexually transmitted diseases
  • Referrals for follow-up medical treatment or counseling, as needed

Our goal is to ensure that victims of assault (not necessarily sexual) receive compassionate care and professional treatment that will support their emotional, mental and physical health to the fullest extent possible.


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