Dental Plans

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There are two (2) dental plans to select from:  Aetna Dental DMO and Delta Dental PPO:

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Aetna Dental DMO Information:

Delta Dental PPO Information:

The information above provides an overview of the dental benefits available to permanent County employees. Please take the time to read the information and visit the different provider websites. 

Employees are responsible for verifying dependents' enrollment. To verify if a dependent is or is not covered on any of your plans, go to Employee Self Service (ESS → Benefits→ Benefits Participation Overview → Coverage column).                

Contact your Department Payroll Coordinator if you do not have access to ESS.


2019 Dental Information

Aetna (Group # 883524-001)​ (Available for both Employees and Retirees)

1-877-238-6200 or 

Aenta Plan Overview 

Aetna Dental Summary   

Aetna Dental Providers (SLO County)

Plan/Coverage Type






Two Party






Aetna Provider Alert:

The office of Dr. Latta, Wells, & Poblacion has notified the County they will no longer accept Aetna Dental after 12/31/18. Employees have two options:

  1. If you would like to remain on Aetna you must select a new Primary Care Dentist. You can run a search of Aetna dentists by zip code at or by calling Aetna at 1-877-238-6200. A list of Aetna dentists within the city of SLO is available here
  2. If you would like to continue to see Dr. Latta, Wells, or Poblacion you can enroll in Delta Dental where they will continue to be Premier providers. For more information on Premier providers, please see below.


Delta (Group # 2999-0011)  (Employee Only)

1-800-765-6003  or

Delta Plan Overview                                                                                                                        

Plan/Coverage Type






Two Party







Maximize Your Savings with Delta DentalLearn How to Save the Most with a PPO Provider:

With nearly 80% of practicing dentists in Delta’s networks, there is a good chance you are already visiting a Delta Dental provider. To maximize your savings, it is important to be aware of the Delta network the dentist belongs to. Delta has three different networks of providers: PPO, Premier and Non-Delta dentists.

While you can visit any licensed dentist and still receive a benefit, you will save the most by visiting a Delta PPO or Premier dentist. Delta PPO and Premier dentists accept a pre-negotiated fee as payment instead of their usual fee. See below for an illustration of these savings which are outlined below.

Delta Dental PPO: Visit a dentist in this network to maximize your savings. In general, you should expect to save about 30% on contracted services which will help reduce any out of pocket costs you may experience. PPO dentists have pre-negotiated their fees with Delta and have agreed not to balance bill Delta patients.

Delta Dental Premier:  You will experience a smaller savings of 8-16% on contracted services by visiting a Premier dentist. Premier dentists have pre-negotiated their fees with Delta and have agreed not to balance bill Delta l patients.

Non-Delta Dental Dentists: While you will still receive a benefit from Delta while seeing an out-of-network dentist, these dentists do not have pre-negotiated rates with Delta. In addition, an out-of-network dentist may balance bill you the remainder of the bill Delta does not pay. 

Click here for an illustration of the tiers of Delta Providers and how that affects how much you will pay out of pocket for your dental services.