Agricultural Planning Information

Agricultural Information Brochure

The California Department of Public Health, in cooperation with Kern, Monterey, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara Counties has published a brochure to provide nuclear power plant emergency information for farmers, ranchers, food and nursery stock producers and distributors. The brochure is intended to provide an overview of nuclear power plant emergency planning and the possible actions that government officials may direct to mitigate the consequences to the food supply should an emergency occur. 

Nuclear Power Plant Emergency Information for Agriculture Brochure


The Ingestion Pathway Zone (IPZ) and Agricultural Sectors

Similar to the Emergency Planning Zone that has been established to assist with planning and response actions following an emergency at Diablo Canyon for the general public, an Ingestion Pathway Zone has been established to assist with agricultural planning and response. The Ingestion Pathway Zone is a 50 mile radius surrounding Diablo Canyon Power Plant. It includes San Luis Obispo County as well as parts of Kern, Monterey, and Santa Barbara counties. The Ingestion Pathway Zone is divided into sixteen (16) agricultural sectors to assist with planning and response should an emergency occur at Diablo Canyon Power Plant. The agricultural community within the 50 mile radius of Diablo Canyon is encouraged to identify their agricultural sector in advance of an emergency. Should Agricultural Preventative Measures or Hold Orders be necessary following an emergency, that information would be communicated through press releases and the news media to the community. An Agricultural Information Center may also be activated to help answer questions and provide further information to the community. The Ingestion Pathway Zone map and information is also included in the yearly Emergency Planning Calendar.  

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