Public School Relocation Information

If Your Children Are in School 

Public, private and parochial schools within the Emergency Planning Zone have emergency plans. If your child's school is not shown on the chart below, ask the school for a copy of its plan. Keep it with this information.

As a precaution, public school officials may decide to close their schools and move students to a Public School Relocation Center before any public action is required. They will be moved by bus to a Public School Relocation Center under constant adult supervision. In this case, listen to a local radio or television station for details on school evacuation and where to meet your children. News reports will inform you of public schools that take early action to move children. The news reports also will let you know the location to which the children have been moved.


Parents should not try to pick up children at public schools unless they are directed to do so. This could cause traffic and safety problems for children who are being moved. Also, children already may be at a Public School Relocation Center before parents arrive.

Day Care or Before/After School Programs: Please check with your children's care provider concerning emergency plans.

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