Communities & Villages

Information on specific communities and villages throughout the unincorporated County.

Avila Beach

Active Planning Projects

Avila Community Plan - Envision Avila

Avila Beach Specific Plan

Avila Beach Specific Plan for land use permit information and design standards.

California Valley

Water is the primary issue in this area. Both quantity and quality are questionable in the area. The minimum well flow is 2.5 gallons per minute of potable water. Water is a minimum requirement to build a house. An all weather access road that meets the requirements of the fire safety plan could also be a significant expense. If the property is located in the Soda Lake SRA, new houses may require a variance.


Informational Documents

Foot Print, Gross Structural Area, and Deck Square Footage Maximums Based on Property Location and Property Size

Cambria Building Size Calculator

Cambria Residential Building Size Supplement

North Coast Area Community Plan

North Coast Area Community Plan for land use permit information and design standards in the urban area of Cambria.

Vacant Parcels in the Urban Area of Cambria

The Cambria Community Service District (CCSD) and the County both maintain waitlists for vacant parcels.  The CCSD waitlist will be served before the County waitlist.  For example, #1 on the County Single Family Residential Waitlist is #659 considering the CCSD Single Family Residential Waitlist includes 658 positions.  

County Single Family Residential Waitlist

County Multi Family Residential Waitlist

For a copy of the CCSD waitlists and the latest news on the water waitlist please visit the Cambria Community Service District (CCSD) website.


Cayucos Urban Area

Please review the Estero Area Plan for information on land use permit requirements, design standards, heigh limits, and setbacks within the Cayucos Urban Reserve Line (URL).

Cayucos Hillside Development

Please read frequently asked questions (FAQs) about development of Cayucos hillside parcels located outside of the Cayucos Urban Reserve Line (URL).

Los Osos

This service is intended to provide planning information outlining what type of development is currently allowed within Los Osos.

Note: Last updated 6/30/2023

San Miguel

San Miguel Community Plan

San Miguel Community Plan for land use permit information and design standards.