The Department of Planning & Building administers State and Federal stormwater policies to reduce the discharge of pollutants and to protect water quality. The Department verifies that development and redevelopment projects receive appropriate stormwater permits and implement plans to minimize the impact of stormwater runoff during and following construction.


Post-Construction Stormwater Management

The Department of Planning & Building is required to track the long-term operation and maintenance of post-construction stormwater control measures installed within the County’s Stormwater Management Area. The Central Coast Post-Construction Requirements order the County to establish operation and maintenance plans with private stormwater system owners. The Department records plans that comply with the Requirements, which document the existence of all structures and require maintenance and operation in perpetuity by any future owners.

Stormwater Dry Well or Infiltrator Registration

Dry wells and other sub-surface stormwater infiltration devices serving uses other than single-family homes are subject to US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) regulations. A dry well is considered a Class V injection well, which is defined as a conduit that is deeper than it is wide. Stormwater dry wells may be authorized to operate as long as they are registered with the US EPA, and only inject uncontaminated stormwater. The County of San Luis Obispo currently requires Class V Well registration as part of permitting new development. Read more in the FAQs below.

Stormwater Management During Construction

The Department of Planning & Building administers state and federal pollution prevention policies for stormwater runoff, verifying that appropriate stormwater permits and plans are in place prior to the commencement of construction. Department staff is available to support applicants with determining which permits and plans are required and will oversee implementation of appropriate pollution control practices during construction.

Stormwater Requirements for New Construction

The Department ensures that sites implement appropriate best management practices during construction, and that site plans incorporate the appropriate post-construction stormwater runoff controls. Staff can assist applicants with determining which State requirements apply to their project, and provides reference resources for achieving compliance. Applicants are advised to consider post-construction runoff requirements during the site design process.

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