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Looking for a Lost Pet?

The following links show cats being held at the Animal Services shelter or in our foster homes. Please note that not all animals shown are currently available for adoption.

Not all animals will have photos. If you have questions, please call Animal Services main office (805) 781-4400. To report a lost or found pet, call the Lost and Found Line (805) 781-4407.

IF YOU ARE SEARCHING FOR A LOST PET, please be aware that these pages provide general descriptions of the animals currently in our care. They are intended to be an aid in helping you retrieve your lost pet, but please do not rely solely on their accuracy as the descriptions provided here (even photographs) may vary from the way you would describe your pet. Nobody knows your animal better than you! Despite best efforts, the breed, age, and even gender of animals can be misidentified. To ensure the best likelihood of being reunited with a lost animal, it is important that you come into the shelter and personally look for your pet on a frequent and regular basis.

Report a Lost Pet