Los Osos Schoolhouse after a fresh coat of paint.

150-Year-Old Los Osos Schoolhouse Gets a Fresh Coat of Paint

Author: Public Works
Date: 3/15/2021 12:00 PM

The historic schoolhouse at the Los Osos Community Park got a fresh coat of paint inside and out thanks to the Public Works maintenance team.

Two maintenance painters did an outstanding job of making a 150-year-old one room schoolhouse look new again. This work was completed by county staff through the Facility Condition Assessment (FCA) repair program. The project included a lot of prep work and carpentry repair as well as new exterior lighting. We were able to obtain old photos from Public Works environmental staff, starting with one from 1893 up to a painting done in the 1970's. Unfortunately, all the available photos were black and white, so we matched the last color used to paint the facility.

According to the maintenance staff, the cool part of the project was that every day they were painting at least one person stopped by and commented on how nice it was that the County was putting effort into the building. Most people who stopped by had a personal experience in the building, whether it was a wedding rehearsal, reception, baby shower, or community meeting. The building was built in 1872 and will celebrate 150 years next year. Public Works is grateful that FCA funding gave us the opportunity to make it nice and shiny for its big birthday.