Downhill view of a steep roadway with fields and mountains in background.
The roadway shoulder on Halcyon Road collapsed and has been repaired.

Halcyon Road Open After Post-Storm Repairs

Author: Public Works
Date: 1/18/2024 2:23 PM

ARROYO GRANDE – As of January 12, 2023, Public Works Roads Crews have completed repairs and re-opened Halcyon Road.

Rains from the New Year’s weekend storms caused a portion of the hillside to slip resulting in the collapse of the roadway shoulder on Halcyon Road.

Work included reconstructing the downslope embankment, replacing the damaged roadway, and installing a new curb to prevent water from eroding the slope again.

The repaired portion of roadway is located on Halcyon Road just north of Highway 1 and Bay View Lane on the Arroyo Grande mesa. The road was closed for about a week allowing crews to make the necessary repairs.