Pet of the Month > 2019 Pets of the Month

April Pet of the Month: Ivory
Date: 4/17/2019 3:24:02 PM
Meet Ivory! This sweet, calm, three-year-old pit bull doesn’t require a lot of activity. She’s looking for a home where she can hang out, cuddle, and keep you company.
August Pet of the Month: Chaco
Date: 2/20/2019 2:19:59 PM
Meet Chaco! This sweet, polite Queensland / Border Collie mix is a smart boy looking for a loving family to teach him fun new commands.
December Pet of the Month: Charlotte
Date: 12/17/2019 12:37:53 PM
Charlotte is ready to find her purr-fect home for the holidays!
December Pet of the Month: Red
Date: 12/16/2019 9:45:03 AM
Red the Rhodesian Ridgeback is ready to find his new home!
February Pet of the Month: Cali
Date: 2/20/2019 2:19:59 PM
Meet Cali! This bright, playful six-year-old American Bulldog is a favorite of many at the shelter.
January Pet of the Month: Apollo
Date: 1/22/2019 11:03:03 AM
Meet Apollo, a handsome and well-mannered German Shepherd who loves to play.
July Pets of the Month: Kittens!
Date: 6/18/2019 3:03:18 PM
Kittens have arrived! We have adorable kittens—in a beautiful variety of sizes, colors and personalities—all available for adoption and hoping to find loving homes.
June Pet of the Month: Cody
Date: 6/18/2019 3:03:18 PM
Meet Cody! This sweet goofball is a puppy at heart in search of a caring home.
March Pet of the Month: Bentley
Date: 3/18/2019 3:49:17 PM
Meet Bentley! This three-year-old American Bulldog is super friendly and fun.
May Pet of the Month: Duke
Date: 5/22/2019 4:12:28 PM
Meet Duke, a sweet and polite three-year-old Australian Shepherd who loves to snuggle and is great with kids.
November Pet of the Month: Cooper
Date: 11/13/2019 5:12:14 PM
Meet Cooper! An active lab mix ready to find his forever home.
October Pet of the Month: Muffin
Date: 10/23/2019 1:21:38 PM
Meet Muffin! A mature calico kitty seeking her next loving home.
September Pet of the Month: Tank
Date: 9/17/2019 12:50:33 PM
Meet Tank! This happy guy loves people, loves squeaky toys, and loves treats.