Tobacco Control Program

Who can use this service?

Any school, organization, or community group can request an educational presentation. Any resident can participate in free tobacco cessation classes, but must meet individually with instructors prior to their first class session. Pregnant women, or parents of children 0-5, are eligible for one-on-one sessions. Call for more information.

Is there a charge for this service?

This service is provided free of charge. Nicotine replacement therapy is also available free of charge to participants enrolled in cessation classes if they meet eligibility requirements.

When and where is this service offered?

For more information, please call the Health Promotion office at (805) 781-5564.  

For class information, visit the Quit Smoking Classes page.  Clients must call in advance of their first session.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Tobacco Control Program located?

The Tobacco Control Program is located in the Annex building of the Health Agency:

2180 Johnson Ave, Annex

San Luis Obispo, CA 93401

How do I get involved in supporting the efforts against tobacco?

If you would like to get involved with the Tobacco Control Program, please visit our Tobacco Control Coalition website. Should you have additional questions, please call 805-781-5564. We invite any like-minded individuals and love expanding our coalition.

How do I make a complaint about a smoking violation?

If you would like to make a complaint about a smoking violation, or need clarification on local smoking and/or tobacco ordinances, please call the Tobacco Control Program at 805-781-5564.

Additional Resources
  1. California Smokers Helpline
  2. U.S. Department of Health & Human Services
  3. Tobacco Control Research Branch of the National Cancer Institute
  4. The Center for Tobacco Policy California
  5. Surgeon General Report on E-CIGARETTES & YOUNG PEOPLE
  6. Become An Ex
  7. Smoke Free Women



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