What's New @ WIC?

California Redemption Value (CRV) Fee 

Starting January 2024, a new CA law will require that a 10¢ fee is added to each purchase of shelf-stable 64 oz bottles of juice. For more information, visit myfamily.wic.ca.gov or see the CRV Fee for Juice Bottles flyer

Infographic with bottled juice and frozen juice can and $.10 deposit fee paid to grocery stores 

Infographic with bottled juice and frozen juice can and $.10 deposit fee paid to grocery stores - Spanish


Young boy biting into an apple

MORE fruits and vegetables for WIC families! The temporary WIC Fruits and Vegetables Benefit increase has been extended through September 30, 2024! That means extra money for your family to spend on a variety of fruits and vegetables each month.

The total monthly dollar amounts are:

$26 for children age 1 to 5

$47 for pregnant and postpartum individuals

$52 for breastfeeding individuals

$78 for breastfeeding multiple infants

Families can use the extra benefits at WIC-approved grocery stores.

For more information, visit myfamily.wic.ca.gov or contact your local WIC office or text (888) 417-6180.


Assortment of Winter citrus fruits

Winter gives us a chance to try out new healthy recipes for soups, stews and desserts using seasonal fruits and vegetables! 

Use this Seasonal Food Guide to shop for seasonal fruits and vegetables at WIC-approved grocers that accept the WIC Card. Produce listed here may become available in your area at different times during the season.

Did you know that WIC provides nutrition education and counseling to eligible families? Visit MyFamily.WIC.ca.gov for more information.


Three cans of assorted beans 

Canned beans are a healthy source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals, and a convenient option for WIC families. 

With your WIC benefits, you can choose:

− 4 cans of cooked beans,

− 1 package of dry beans, or 

− 1 jar of peanut butter.

Find tasty recipes using canned beans and other WIC foods at Health eKitchen or eatfresh.org                                                                                                                                                 

Person washing fruits and vegetables under cold water 

Food Safety Resources

People at Risk: Children Under Five | FoodSafety.gov

People at Risk: Pregnant Women | FoodSafety.gov

Food Safety Tips While Shopping 

Foodkeeper App/Website

Keep Your Food Safe English I Spanish