power transformers on Orcutt/Johnson in San Luis Obispo
Photo by Matt Giuffrida

Prepare for Power Outages

Author: Environmental Health Services
Date: 11/27/2023 1:10:33 PM

County of San Luis Obispo Environmental Health Services prepares residents and businesses for power outages.

Environmental Health Services has information and resources for residents and businesses to prepare for, safely endure and best recover from a power outage.  Critical resources and services that involve food, water and waste disposal will be affected by power outages. 

Please take the time to download the emergency preparedness documents and print a hard copy to have on-hand at home, work or any other place that will be impacted during a power related emergency.

Disaster Preparedness and Response Information

View a Map of PGE&E's Current and Future Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS) 

OES ReadySLO.org (Office of Emergency Services)