Food Facility Inspection Results

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I interpret the score?

Each Inspection has a potential to earn 100 points. More points are deducted for violations that may result in a higher food safety risk if they are not corrected. These can include such things as non-compliance with hand washing, food temperatures, surface sanitization, safe food sources, and employee health. Fewer points are deducted for minor violations that are usually associated with the condition of the facility, the equipment, and less risky food handling violations.

What is evaluated during an inspection?

A food facility inspection is an evaluation of food preparation and food employee practices, facility condition, food storage and many other factors that contribute to the overall safety of the food products being sold or dispensed for consumption to the public.

Who is inspected?

Environmental Health Services conducts inspections at 2200 retail food service establishments that provide food to the general public throughout San Luis Obispo County. These include restaurants, bars, markets and school cafeterias.

The most recent inspection results for these facilities that occurred over the last two (2) years are displayed on this website.