Environmental Health Services Services

Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank Facility Inspection

Aboveground Petroleum Storage Tank System Installation Permitting

Award of Excellence Listing for Food Facility Inspections

Beach Water Quality Monitoring

Biosolids Land Application Oversight Information

Body Art Event Sponsor Health Permitting

Body Art Facility Construction Permitting

Body Art Facility Health Permitting

Body Art Facility Inspection

Body Art Inspection Results

Body Art Practitioner Registration

California Accidental Release Prevention (Cal ARP) No Public Comment Period Open at this Time

Catering Operations Health Permitting

Catering Operations Inspection

Commissary and Shared Permanent Food Facility Information

Community Event and Swap Meet Organizer Health Permitting

Cottage Food Operation Annual Self-Certification Review

Cottage Food Operation Class B Inspection

Cottage Food Operation Registration or Permitting

Cross-Connection Frequently Asked Questions

Cross-Connection Test Form Request

Cross-Connection Tester Certification Information

Cross-Connection Visual Inspection

Dependent Food Service Operations Health Permitting

Dependent Food Service Operations Inspection

Disaster Preparedness and Response Information

Environmental Health Fee Schedule

Existing (Found) Community Water System Permitting

Existing (Found) Nontransient-Noncommunity Water System Permitting

Existing (Found) Transient-Noncommunity Water System Permitting

Food Facility Construction Permitting

Food Facility Health Permitting

Food Facility Inspection

Food Facility Inspection Results

Food Program Frequently Asked Questions

Foodborne Illness Information

Hazardous Materials Business Plan Facility Inspection

Hazardous Materials Facility - Ownership Transfer - Authorization/Permitting

Hazardous Materials Handler Annual Business Plan Submission/Certification Review

Hazardous Waste Generator - Contingency Plan Submission Review

Hazardous Waste Generator Inspection

Hazardous Waste Small Quantity Generator Annual Self-Certification Review

Host Facility Health Permitting

Host Facility Inspection

Household Hazardous Waste Disposal Information

Housing Inspection (Detention Facilities, Organized Camps)

Information & Guidelines for Small Public Water Systems

Information On Wildfires and Your Health

Land Use

Liquid Waste Disposal Vehicle Health Permitting

Liquid Waste Disposal Vehicle Inspection

Liquid Waste Monthly Report of Disposal Statement Review

Mobile Body Art Facility Construction Permitting

Mobile Body Art Facility Health Permitting

Mobile Body Art Facility Inspection

Mobile Food Facility Consultation and Construction Permitting

Mobile Food Facility Health Permitting

Mobile Food Facility Inspection

Monitoring Well Construction Permitting

Monitoring Well Destruction Permitting

New Community Water System Permitting

New Nontransient-Noncommunity Water System Permitting

New Transient-Noncommunity Water System Permitting

Organized and Temporary Camps Inspection

Organized and Temporary Camps Permitting

Pests - Information and Preventive Measures

Pollution Prevention and Response

Private Well Owner Resources

Public Records Act (PRA) Request for Environmental Health Program Information

Public Swimming Pool and Spa Pool Inspection Results

Public Swimming Pool/Spa Pool Construction Permitting

Public Swimming Pool/Spa Pool Facility Inspection

Public Swimming Pool/Spa Pool Health Permitting

Residential Housing Information

Small Public Water System Permitting

Solid Waste Annual Statement of Ownership Review

Solid Waste Vehicle Health Permitting

Solid Waste Vehicle Inspection

Swap Meet Food Facility Health Permitting

Temporary Body Art Event Practitioner Registration

Temporary Food Facility Health Permitting

Tiered Permitting Hazardous Materials/Waste Program Permitting

Underground Storage Tank Facility Inspection

Underground Storage Tank Facility Permitting

Underground Storage Tank System Installation/Modification Permitting

Underground Storage Tank System Removal Permitting

Underground Storage Tanks Program Forms and References

Water Well Construction Permitting

Water Well Data

Water Well Destruction Permitting

Well Drillers' Resources