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Public Swimming Pool and Spa Facility Inspection Results

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of health inspections are posted on this site?

Beginning on January 1, 2019, Public Swimming Pool and Spa Facility inspection results are posted on this website. A Public Swimming Pool is an artificial basin, chamber or tank constructed or prefabricated with impermeable surfaces that is used, or intended to be used for public swimming, diving, or recreational activities but does not include individual therapeutic tubs or baths where the main purpose is the cleaning of the body. Any manmade lake or swimming lagoon with a sand beach or sand bottom is not a public pool.

What is the purpose of an online database?

The online database containing all Public Swimming Pool and Spa Facility inspection results is intended to allow the general public access at all times to recent health inspection results. The database is updated nightly.

What is evaluated during an inspection?

A Public Swimming Pool and/or Spa facility inspection is an evaluation of the water quality and safety standards at the site as well as other factors that ensure a healthy and safe swimming experience for everyone. A Public Swimming Pool must comply with the California Public Swimming Pool regulations which includes requirements in the California Health and Safety Code, the California Code of Regulations, the California Building Code, and the California Electrical Code.

What is the purpose of a health inspection report?

The purpose of an inspection report is to document the inspection findings and to provide an overall summary of the inspection. The report is provided to the facility owner or operator following an inspection.

What types of health inspections are performed?

There are several types of health inspections which get posted on this site: a regular, or routine inspection; a follow up inspection, or reinspection; change of ownership inspections; and opening inspections for initial health permit approval.

Regular health inspections are routine unannounced health inspections.

Follow up inspections, or reinspections, are conducted only when the health inspector has determined during a regular health inspection that a follow up inspection is required to verify compliance with documented California Public Swimming Pools and Spa Regulations violations noted during the regular health inspection.

Under which conditions would a Public Swimming Pool and/or Spa Facility health inspection result in closure?

A Public Swimming Pool and/or Spa Facility health inspection may result in closure if any violation is observed which is found to create an imminent health hazard which cannot be corrected during the inspection. Common examples include, but are not limited to:

  • Absence of Free Available Chlorine required for effective water sanitization not corrected during inspection,
  • Inadequate pH level not corrected during inspection,
  • Nonfunctional self-closing/self-latching gate systems,
  • Inadequate water clarity (inability to see bottom drain(s)),
  • Inoperable recirculating and filtration system,
  • Missing or non-functional spa emergency shutoff switch,
  • Spa temperature exceeding 104 Degrees F,
  • Non-compliance with required safety standards resulting in the possibility of imminent injury or injury hazards.
Why can't I see all historical results for a facility's inspection?

Only the most recent health inspection results for facilities that occurred over the last two (2) years are displayed on this website. If the facility recently underwent an ownership change, then only the most recent inspection results following the ownership change and which apply to the new owner are displayed.