View of Dairy Creek Golf Course

El Chorro Regional Park Plan Approved

Author: Shaun Cooper

Mini Golf, Go-Karts, Cabin Camping and More Coming Soon

The whole community will enjoy some big changes at El Chorro Regional Park in the coming years.  While no supplemental water was allocated to the park to keep the golf course exactly as is, the plan provides for many positive recreational opportunities in addition to focusing on introducing more people to the game of golf.

On June 6, the Board of Supervisors approved the El Chorro Regional Park Programming Plan, which after taking water into consideration will allow the County to offer more recreational opportunities in this beloved local park. Such activities include:

  • An improved golf practice facility
  • A higher-quality driving range
  • An expanded putting course
  • An improved short golf game area

Potential future improvements include:

  • Expanded RV camping
  • Cabin camping sites
  • Expanded hiking and biking trails
  • A mountain bike skills course
  • Expanded food and beverage event areas
  • Mini golf
  • An electric go-kart track
  • Batting cages
  • A disc golf course

And more!

“The vision of the plan is development of a unique, dynamic, and quality destination experience that is sustainably built for the whole community to enjoy,” said County Parks and Recreation Department Director Nick Franco. “It identifies options for modifying Dairy Creek Golf course and adding recreational amenities to El Chorro Regional Park, based on available water.”

All of this will take some considerable time and planning to implement, but the County will work toward developing these programs in the months and years to come.

The Board of Supervisors did not approve increasing the current water allocation, but did direct staff to explore the potential use of water from an existing well on park property.

The plan submitted to the Board included different scenarios based on available water. Because of Board direction, the County will finalize negotiations and information regarding the use of the well water and, if those are not fruitful, will begin implementing the plans that account for 100 to 120 acre feet of water.  Regardless of the final outcome of the well water, the goal is to integrate golf into parks and parks into golf, creating a hub of recreational activities and experiences serving all ages and interests. 

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