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The Department of Planning & Building's Housing and Economic Development Section is dedicated to creating affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate-income households through the administration of grant programs and various housing-related plans & policies.


Affordable Housing

Department of Planning & Building staff assists the Board of Supervisors by preparing and implementing affordable housing policies and ordinances. Staff also manages grant programs that support affordable housing development, infrastructure improvements, and homeless services. The primary source of the grant funds is the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

County Housing Initiatives Package

San Luis Obispo County is facing a shortage of affordable housing. In October 2016, the Board of Supervisors tasked the Planning Department with creating land use policies that better support the construction of affordable housing.

Why Help is Needed:

  • 15% of households can afford the average priced home of $600,000
  • 31% of renters pay more than 50% of their income on rent
  • San Luis Obispo County is the 6th least affordable place to buy a home in the United States

Housing Initiatives Include:

  1. Density Bonus Ordinance
  2. Agricultural Worker Housing
  3. Permit Fees
  4. Accessory Dwelling Units
  5. Inclusionary Housing Ordinance and Affordable Housing Fund

Mobile Home Park Rent Stabilization Ordinance

The County has a rent control ordinance that applies to mobile home parks.  It applies to residents who have a month-to-month space rent agreement rather than a long term lease. The county code is known as Title 25 - Mobilehome Rent Stabilization. Title 25 limits the yearly rent increase on a mobile home space to 60% of the cost-of-living index (i.e., to 60% of the Consumer Price Index, or "CPI").

Plans & Policies

Housing plans and policies are created and updated by staff to pursue fair, equal, and affordable housing opportunities for residents in the County.

Projects & Funding

The Housing team administers a variety of funding sources to support affordable housing construction and rehabilitation, public services, homeless services, public facility improvements, and other economic and community development projects that benefit residents throughout the community. Funding sources include local funds and federal grants.

Citizen Self-Service (CSS) Portal

Public Information and Permit Processing Online Services

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