Inland Accessory Dwelling Units

Standard ADU Application

There are two (2) different Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) or Junior Accessory Dwelling Unit (JADU) options for single-family dwellings and two (2) different ADU options for multi-family dwellings.  As you click on the type , further detail will be provided.  Only one option may be used on any given parcel.

Pre-Reviewed ADU Program Application

The County offers a Pre-Reviewed ADU Program where Residential Single-Family customers choose from County reviewed plans, allowing for a more cost-effective and streamlined process. Though these plans are free, customers will still need to hire an engineer or architect for additional site-specific items.


This guide serves to help you determine whether an accessory dwelling unit (“ADU”) can be established on a parcel or lot (“site”) under the State ADU Law. Although many of the factors that must be considered in ADU development are included in this guide, on any given site, there may be circumstances specific to the site or requirements from other agencies/departments that may require attention or prevent ADU development. Nothing in this guide shall be misconstrued or interpreted to guarantee approval of an application to establish ADU(s). 

This guide does not replace or supersede the provisions of applicable laws, codes, and policies. Where the information in this guide conflicts with applicable laws, codes, and policies, the provisions of the applicable laws, codes, and policies shall control. 


Standard ADUs in Inland Area
Pre-reviewed ADUs in Inland Area
Inland ADU Ordinance
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